Lee Keegan (Mayo GAA)

Since partaking the Pilates class via Primal Fitness I have seen significant improvement in areas that have hampered me in recent years such as hips, glute & hamstring muscles. The classes have helped me prepare for the heavy training load for my football & my body has rapidly adapted as a result .
I Would highly recommend any of the classes from Primal Fitness to anyone & look forward to continuing working with the team.

Lee Keegan

Craig Casey (Munster & Ireland Rugby)

I really enjoy the Pilates with primal fitness, I do them twice a week on my rest days and enjoyed the challenge of them. They are brilliant to do on rest days to still be able to do a session while also prepping your body to be ready for the next few days of tough training . They are really good in terms of helping my flexibility and also help strengthen my glutes , hamstrings, hips and core.

Craig Casey

Julie Nelson
(NI Ladies & Crusaders)

Primal Fitness Athlete Pilates sessions are a great help to me, they help improve my core strength and flexibility during my recovery days and now that I’m back training and playing I’m still using the Pilates sessions on my off days and can feel the benefits of these in my performances.

Julie Nelson

Dan Lewis
(Coventry Rugby)

We all know that training and fitness can get stale, and can get stale quickly, but Primal Fitness was excellent for me. Thanks to them I feel ready for the long awaited rugby season!
I would highly recommend.

Dan Lewis

Hannah Crymble
(Irish Weightlifter)

I started doing the Primal Fitness Athlete Pilates class and absolutely loved it from the very beginning! It highlighted certain weaknesses of mine but from consistently doing the class once a week I have noticed a big improvement. I love how you are sent a link to the online class which lasts a week, meaning you have 7 days to complete the workout which suits me and my busy schedule perfectly as with my work hours consistently changing I find it hard to commit to the same day and time every week. I couldn’t recommend the Primal Fitness Athlete Pilates enough.

Hannah Crymble

Áine Tighe
(Freemantle AFL & Leitrim)

I found the athlete Pilates particularly useful as an active recovery session, the body always felt better after doing it. It gives me a chance to stretch and for my body to recover from some of the heavier sessions I do during the week, but I also found it is challenging enough to keep me interested and engaged throughout. There is a really good variety week to week and the shorter nature of the sessions mean it is easy to fit in to a busy training schedule.

Aine Tighe

Robyn Connolly

Primal provide top class content and workouts that will push even advanced athletes to their limits. I love starting my day with primal!
I would highly recommend

Robyn Connolly

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