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We here at Primal Fitness have been registering clubs from across Ireland to our full Physical and Mental wellbeing programme. Currently clubs are struggling to provide value for their memberships this year with the current situation.



one off payment

You can sign up all your members, plus the parents of your youth members to all our programmes. The sessions are bodyweight, so can also be used by your underage members. We send the sessions every Sunday via email to your adult members and the parents for their children to use.

Keep your
Members Fit

no limit to the numbers of members you sign up.

How does it work

They will receive 6 sessions every week, 3 exercise workouts which have 2 techniques for every exercise so are applicable to every user, 1 Pilates and 1 Yoga and 1 Meditation. All our sessions can be cast to any smart device and used at a time convenient to each member as they aren’t live

the benefits

meditation session

Our meditation session is now included every week to deal with mental Health issues, which will be provided in this package to your members also.

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